4 free quality translation tools to boost Quality and Productivity of your translations

The goal we have in this article is to talk about translation quality and productivity. Therefore here’s a list of 4 free quality translation tools that will help you produce better translations more efficiently.

1. Xbench

Xbench is a free Quality Assurance (QA) software that allows you to adjust the settings to your needs and generate a report that will let you edit your work until it is immaculate. This way, you save time by not having to manually find every error like inconsistencies, spelling mistakes, typos… catching them can be difficult and time consuming.

By using Xbench your quality is significantly improved. As a bonus, Xbench also reads translation memories. There are multiple versions available. Try looking for the older ones as they are free.


Use PDFescape to convert PDF to editable formats, to merge PDFs together, insert or change text, use the freehand drawing tool, add images, insert new pages, sign forms, etc. We love the notes and comments feature when editing translations. Moreover, you can improve your file’s security by adding electronic signatures and watermarks. With this tool  say goodbye to spending hours on end transcribing your client’s PDFs into a text editor!


Grammarly is amazing for proofreading what you write online —be it an e-mail, a social media post, cloud-based translations, etc.—, and is also a writer’s best friend. You can easily integrate this tool into your web browser as an extension. Among all the tools for translators available online, Grammarly is one of the most comprehensive ones: it detects grammar, syntax, and punctuation errors, poor style, homonyms, and even plagiarism. Even though the paid version includes more features, the free version is useful as well. Take advantage of Grammarly to produce spotless texts and to work more efficiently by having a virtual assistant at hand.


How many times have you started working on a translation and ended up watching cute cat videos on YouTube? StayFocusd is a simple Chrome extension that allows you monitor your idle browsing. This way, you can work efficiently and remain focused on giving your best to the task you need to complete. Simply set the maximum amount of time you would like to be on a certain website before it becomes blocked, and you are done.

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