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Translation and localization services supporting every aspect of your business.

Reytingo is a translation company with the highest quality standards and the most competitive price on the market, specializing in certified translation and official documents translation. The translation of birth, death, marriage  certificates, (…) requires, from the outset, the attribution of a legal value equivalent to that of the original document. We also process non-certified translations (technical or not).

Our mission is to make the language accessible to everyone, using a powerful combination of expert human translators and machine intelligence, providing curated localization solutions and tools for clients around the world. Our teams are composed of licensed, experienced and specialized translators to provide accurate and quality translations.


Simple Translation

This is any type of professional translation that does not require authentication, including texts, website content, social media content, study materials, presentations, CVs, letters and emails. We call it simple translation as the translation will not be certified, however quality will not be compromised.

Certified Translation

The certified translation intends that the translated document has the same value as the original. The translated document, attached to its original document, will be accompanied by an official translation certificate. This is the type of translation required for the presentation of foreign documents at Notaries, Registry Offices, schools, banks, and other institutions.

Legal Translation

Translation of any type of documents, from certificates, diplomas, certificates, court proceedings, and any other document that for official purposes needs to be translated by a certified / sworn translator. These translations can be presented to any national or international institution.

Translation with Apostille

The Hague Apostille is the certificate that authenticates the origin of a public document, and must be placed in the respective issuing country, to certify a signature. If you intend to deliver your translated documents in one of the signatory countries of the Hague Convention, and if the foreign authorities have asked for the apostille translation, then our translation will be duly authenticated.

Marketing Translation

This type of translation is essential for your company to achieve new – and better – results. A professional job can be the difference between your company and your competitors. With the help of Reytingo, your company will have the best and most experienced professionals in marketing translation, always focused on results, because the translation done incorrectly can ruin your business.


Rather than focusing purely on language, localization takes culture and a number of other factors into account. For example, if you have a brochure with pictures or a website for a new market, we can help adapt your marketing so that everything resonates with your new audience. Also if you’re looking at launching a software product in a new market, we’ll make sure you get a linguistically perfect and locally adapted version of your software.

Literary and Technical Translations

Our specialized translators are committed to keeping the entire meaning of the text so that the content is not altered. This service covers all areas of literature, and technical areas, for which it is essential that the professional is an expert on the subject.. We always select the most suitable translator for each type of work to be done.

Editing & Proofreading

Have you already received the translations and would you like someone external to give you a bit of reassurance and make sure that they are perfect? If you are looking for that extra peace of mind, get in touch. We can help you by providing proofreading and editing services for your documents to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. The purpose is to eliminate typos and grammatical errors, whilst adding a native speaker´s expertise.

Whether it is 1 page or 1 book to translate, we can help!​