Have you ever thought about how your daily or professional life would change if you learn French or English…? And it is possible to do all of this online.

Studying French or English online is a great opportunity for those who want to learn the language but don’t have time to attend a traditional school. At Reytingo we organise small group classes, 4 sessions per month, 2 hours each session, for only €85 HT / month.

Why is it worth taking French or English classes online? Online classes are excellent for those who want to learn the new language, but have no time to attend a face-to-face school. In addition, there are also students who wish to study the language, but have no traditional school near their home or work, which restricts learning. Taking classes over the internet, the student has access to the same quality of a classroom class, but with even more advantages, since there is no time limit and the student can study at their own pace, whether learning all day or just a few days a week.

In addition, Reytingo is a pioneer in distance learning languages ​​and therefore has an educational program that allows students to learn while having fun. With exercises that mix writing, audio and images, the student can evolve even more in the new language, learning French or English lightly and efficiently.